Welcome to Moose Family Camp Resort!

Hello there!

Moose Family Campground is located in the outskirts of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture.The 1.5 acre campsite has 8 tent campsites, 3 glamping tents, 2 tiny cabins and 11 spots for RV parking. Each site has water, sewage dump, and electricity.

There is also 1.5 acres grassy area for “free” tent sites for large groups. Montana has a large group firepit, 3 “day camp site”, kids play ground and parking area and soon 2 dog runs.

We take pride of taking care of families. There are so many things for children to do at our campsite. Our campsite has a swimming pool for summer fun and in the winter months the swimming pool is a fishing pond. Enjoy a Japanese bath or a shower. There are plenty of different style bikes for them to ride. There is a basketball court and various other outdoor games to play. There is a children's room packed with games, coloring pages, arts and crafts and so much more.

Moose Family Camp Resort is owned and operated by a US vet and gives 10% military discounts to all US vets, active duty military, and DOD civilians along with Japanese SDF and civilians.

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What’s New at Moose

Moose Family Camp Resort has many new and exciting projects and event coming this year. One big change is the large grassy land beside the campsite will now become a “Free Campsite” meaning you can pitch a tent anywhere you like in that area. This means you can camp with large groups. This area will be called “Montana” which is known as “Big Sky Country”. There will be a Dog Run, a cleaning station, large community firepit, parking area and more.  More information coming soon.

Major Upcoming Events

We have several options for Youth English Summer Survival Camp this summer
 June 16 – 22, July 21-27, August 4 – 10, 2024
Youth will be divided equally on the first day and develop their team. Each team will have a team leader. Teams will work together throughout the event and will overcome obstacles, learn navigation, survival skills, building a fire, outdoor cooking, teamwork, making long lasting friends and so much more. Push your limits as you participate with your team in this friendly competition! We provide a unique opportunity for youth to learn English and Japanese while safely experiencing supervised overnight camping in Japan’s great outdoors. With this experience, we hope the youth will develop a better knowledge and respect for nature.
Daily activities include making meals, team challenges, arts and crafts, biking, basketball, swimming, and other sports, night sky viewing and learning about nature, Team challenges are based off the American TV series “survivors”.
2 youth will share a tent with a total of 20 youth.

Upcoming Events

Always something exciting happening

Taste of America

Want to enjoy Taste of America? We have so many events planned for you to enjoy. We use the “National Day of _______” for most of our events. . Taste of America is not only for enjoying great food, but to experience American culture, games, arts and crafts and much more.

National day of is a designated day for a very special and important item, event or cause and to celebrate it          https://nationaltoday.com/

You will receive a special stamp in your passport for participating in these events.

Places to see and do around Moose Family Camp Resort

Pool is being cleaned and prepping for opening soon.

Tentative Pool opening date is June 15, 2024

Map of the campsite. Each site is named after a state of USA.

Map updated 5/8/24


Don’t have a car?  No problem!!

We offer free pickup at Kurodahara.(Tohoku Main Line JR).

We also offer pickup at Nasushiobara Station (Tohoku Shinkansen) for ¥3000.

We can pick up 9 people with luggage at one time.

If your children loves animals, they will love Moose Family Camp Resort.

The children will love Letty. She is a 4 yr old Golden Retreiver, She loves to play ball with the children, take walks with them and swim with them. She will entertain your children for a long time.

Cotton is another favorite with the children. Cotton is a Mini Goat. She loves to take walks and play with children. Children can feed her as she is always hungry. And we also have a goat cart that is pulled by Cottton. She is a very powerful goat.

We also have 3 rabbits, Ruby. Daisy and Cookie. Children are able to hold them and feed them.

On special occasions, if the child ask Rika nicely, she might bring out her babies. Speedy, Kuma, Thunder, Tater Tots, Hana, Husky and Pachito. The children can hold the Guinea Pigs and pet them.

Learn English through this fun and exciting way in nature.  You will also learn and experience American culture.

Classes are 1.5 hours 4 times a month. Each class has a 10 minute snack time with American traditional food and snacks.

Each week learn English by making outdoor crafts, outdoor cooking, American BBQ, cooking projects, games and songs, stargazing, fishing, swimming, interacting with animals and so much more.

Enjoy a camp out once every 3 month (Friday night) Students will make dinner  Friday night , play games, go stargazing and watch a movie outdoors. In the morning have breakfast and then play games, go fishing, bike riding and so much more. After lunch  Saturday, students will return home.

Price is  ¥15,000 a month. Everything is included: materials, arts and crafts, snacks, food and camp fees.