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We have several styles of camping available for you. Price includes 2 adults and 2 children with one vehicle. Tent site rental fees are for one tent. All campsites have water, electric hookup and waste water dump. Water and waste water dump is free of charge.  Electricity cost is ¥1000 a day for use for tent site and ¥1500 a day for use for own camper. Electricity cost is included in the cost for staying in our tiny cabin, glamping and deluxe sites. There is a phone charging station located in Tiki Tiki Bar Area.

Rates has increased slightly 09/01/2021 Regular Season High Season Prime Season
Tent “A” PA, WV, OR) (Daily Price) Small campsite in middle of trees. Ground is dirt/grass ¥ 5,000 ¥ 6,000 ¥ 7,000
* Weekend Special ¥ 7,500 ¥ 9,000 ¥ 10,500
* Holiday Special ¥ 17,500
Tent “B” (KS, SD, LA) (Daily Price) Large grassy campsite ¥ 6,500 ¥ 7,500 ¥ 8,500
* Weekend Special ¥ 10,000 ¥ 11,500 ¥ 13,000
* Holiday Special ¥ 23,000
Tent “Deck Site” (DE) (Daily Price) Wooden deck looking over grassy area ¥ 8,500 ¥ 9,500 ¥ 10,500
* Weekend Special ¥ 13,000 ¥ 14,500 ¥ 16,000
* Holiday Special ¥ 26,000
Tent “Deluxe Site” (OH) Price includes electricity and is for one family. Site is big enough for two families. 2nd family is half the cost of one family. (Daily Price) Has canopy over rock patio with lights. ¥ 9,000 ¥ 10,000 ¥ 11,000
* Weekend Special ¥ 12,500 ¥ 14,000 ¥ 15,500
* Holiday Special ¥ 27,000
Glamping Tent Site.  (AZ, OK and ME) (Daily Price)

Has A/C in summer, heater in winter, queen bed, 2 single beds, Can sleep up to 6 people. Has end table, lamp, carpeting . Has large deck with canopy, BBQ grill, fire pit, and picnic table. Base price is based on 2 adults and 2 children
¥25,000 ¥25,000 ¥25,000
Tiny Cabin 4-5 Person (WA) (Daily Price) that has a deck with outdoor furniture overlooking stream and forest. Base price is based on 2 adults and 2 children. There is a ¥2,000 extra cost for each additional Adult. Pets are allowed, but a cleaning fee will be charged if inside  ¥ 18,000 ¥ 20,000 .¥ 22,000
* Weekend Special ¥ 27,000 ¥ 30,000 ,¥ 33,000
* Holiday Special ¥ 55,000
Cabin 4-5 Person (WI) (Daily Price) with Gazebo for BBQ and Fire pit. Has large deck with hammock, picnic table and private toilet. Base price is based on 2 adults and 2 children. There is a ¥2,000 extra cost for each additional Adult. There are no weekend or holiday specials available for these. There are no discounts available for this cabin. ¥30,000 ¥30,000 ¥30,000
Own Camper Designated only sites MI, NY, MN, AZ, NVNote: Own campers can also stay in PA ,WV, OR, KS, SD ¥ 6,500 ¥ 7,500 ¥ 8,500
* Weekend Special ¥ 10,000 ¥ 11,500 ¥ 13,000
* Holiday Special  ¥ 23,000
Montana “Free” tent site, meaning you can pitch a tent anywhere you like in that area. This means you can camp with large groups. This area will be called “Montana” which is known as “Big Sky Country”. There will be a cleaning station, large community firepit, parking area and more.  More information coming soon.
No open flames or BBQ on the grass. BBQ must be 3 ft above ground.
Price: ¥ 1,000 per person.  ¥ 1,000 per tent/canopy ¥ 1,000 per car

* Weekend Special includes: 2 nights and 2 days. Check in is after 1900 on Friday and check out before 1800 on Sunday. Free drink bar in the morning from 0630 – 0830. Receive 20% off all rental items. No charge for pets. Pick up service from either Kuradahara Station (Tohoku Line) or Nasushibara Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line). Note: Weekend Special is not available on holidays. Holidays must use the Holiday Special.

* Holiday Special includes: 3 nights and 3 days. If Holiday is on Monday – Check in is after 1900 on Friday and check out is before 1800 on Monday. If Holiday is on Friday – Check in is after 1900 on Thursday and check out before 1800 on Sunday. Free Drink bar in mornings from 0630 – 0830.  Receive 20% off all rentals. No charge for pets. Pick up service from either Kuradahara Station (Tohoku Line) or Nasushibara Station (Tohoku Shinkansen Line).

* Weekly Rates: You will receive 30% off of 7 days or more stay Does not apply to Wisconsin, Hawaii,  Nevada or Oklahoma.

Below is the monthly calendar rates and availability calendar. Using the color code, determine if the rates are Low, Reg, High and Prime per site.  X means booked   \ means reserved but not paid



Guest can check-in after 1300. We require you to fill out a form to include your name, address, phone number and other pertinent information.

Groups are required to provide a ¥10,000 security deposit to cover any damage, cleaning fee, etc that may occur during your stay.


We will take your family photo in front of the large American Flag and make a unique Moose Family Camp Resort Passport for you. You will receive various stamps that you participated in during your stay. Example, if you stayed in Wisconsin, you would receive a Wisconsin Stamp. If you play with the Letty, rabbits, ducks or the goat, you will receive a stamp representing them. If you particapate in an event, for example, Halloween or Taste of America, you will receive a stamp representing it. Creating the passports takes time (About 45 min) so please take the picture ahead of time.


Checkout is at 1100. Plan ahead for this time as when we have many customers, it can be a long wait. We will inspect your campsite to ensure it is clean the way it was prior to your arrival. Expect at least 20 min to complete checkout. During this time, you will receive your passport with your stamps and the children will choose a coin. They can keep it or choose to use it in the gumball machine.

Extra Person or Guest

Extra Guest: Daily rate – 16 yrs and above ¥3000
Children under 15 and under are free.

Day Camp/Special Events (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Etc)

¥1000 per person 16 yrs and over. Car fee ¥1000 per vehicle
Daytime visitors must leave by 9 pm. Limited sites maybe available.


Charges ¥1000 per pet, per night. Pets must be on a leash or cage if there are other customers or pets in the area. You are responsible for your pets actions Please clean up after your pet. There are pet stations inside the camp for waste disposal. Pets may not enter Alaska (Main cabin) and Hawaii(swimming area). We charge a pet cleaning fee of ¥1000 for any pets staying in our cabins.

Extra Charges:

 –  There is a charge of ¥1000 per extra vehicle.
 –  There is a charge of ¥1000 for extra tent, tarp or canopy.
 –  Early or Late check in fee is half of daily rate
 –  Kerosene Heater are available for rent. Cost is ¥1000 for first day, ¥500 for tank refill.
Own Camper

Most of our sites can accommodate your camper. The dimensions of each site can be found on the Map  Each site has electric, water and dump waste. There will be a ¥1500 a day for electric use for own camper. There will be an additional charge for tents and canopies. Please refer to “Extra Charge” for prices.

Japanese Style Bath

Relax in our Japanese style bath. Cost is ¥1500 for the family and time depends on how many customers we have. 30 min if many customers are camping, most times it is 45 min. Times are 1600 – 2130. Times will vary depending on customers.


Reservations can be made 60 days in advance. Groups of 5 or more families can reserve up to 6 months in advance. Large groups such as boy scouts, church groups, etc. can reserve up to 1 year in advance. We will hold your reservation for 3 business days. Full payment will be paid within 3 business days.

Cancellation Policy

Enjoying mother nature is what we want you to experience. Whether she is nice or not. That is what camping is about. Please be prepared for what Mother Nature may bring. Only in case of Typhoon or blizzard, we will allow you to change the dates of your reservations.

Cancellations fees are as follows.

31 days or after Charge of 10% is due.
30 days – 15 days. Charge of 20% is due.
14 days – 7 days. Charge of 40% is due.
6 days – 2 days. Charge of 80% is due.
Cancellation on the day of or no show. Charge of 100% is due.

Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Use of the jacuzzi and pool during the summer. Cost is ¥1500 per family for the first day and ¥500 for each additional day for the use of the jacuzzi and the pool. Single person would be ¥500/¥250. Shoes must be taken off before entering. There is no outside food or drinks allowed in the area. Food and drinks purchased at our store can be consumed. No food or drinks in the jacuzzi or pool.


Fishing will be available during the fall and winter. Approximately from Mid Sept thru end of March. Pool will be stocked with Rainbow Trout and American Catfish. Fishing fee is ¥1500 for one hour. You may catch and release as long as the fish is ok. You may keep 2 fish. ¥500 for each additional fish. Large trout is catch and release only.


During the non-swimming season, you can rent the kayaks for ¥500 per hour.

–  We offer 10% Military Discount to any active duty, reserves, retired military and civilian with a Japanese or American Military ID on daily camp rates and rental items only. Not valid with specials.
–  We offer 10% Scout Discount if participant is a member of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts on daily camp rates only and rental items. Not valid with specials.
–  We offer large group discounts. Please contact us for more info.
– Discounts are not available for Wisconsin.as we do not own them.
Note: You may not use more than one discount during your stay and does not apply to any specials, events, food or store items.

All rentals and campsites are based on a family, two adults and your children under the age of 18. We do allow more members for a fee.

The owners reserve the right to enforce the rules and regulations. It is a courtesy of them to allow customers to stay longer if there are no customers. This is not a right, but a privilege.