Will Moose Youth Survival Camp be in English?

The official language for the Survival camp is English. We encourage youth to try and learn English through play. Our staff are native English speakers. We will communicate in Japanese when needed.

How do youth arrive to Moose Family Camp Resort?

Parents can bring their youth at the designated check in times. For youth that can take a train, we can pick them up at either Nasushiobara Station or Kurodahara station. We will arrange time for pickup.

Can I visit my child during the camp?

We do not recommend this as it disrupts their progress and schedule.

What are the meals like?

Most meals are prepared and cooked by the youth with the guidance of junior counselors and staff. Meals are well balanced with fruits, veggies and meats, rice, pasta and other variety styles.

What values do we teach?

What better way to learn outdoor education than being in it? Through our challenges and working as a team, youth learn to build trust, character and develop interpersonal skills. These skill will help them to succeed in the adult world.

What are the accommodations like?

Youth will be sleeping in large tents or they can stay in 2 person tent with another youth. They will remain together the entire time. Please bring sleeping bags, sleeping mat and pillows. You can use your own tent or use ours.

What is the weather like?

Mother nature is not predictable. We will have a variety of weather. End of June typically is the start of summer and July and August can be hot.   Please bring variety of clothing to meet warm and cold nights. We are very flexible when it comes to weather, so if it rains, we will ensure they have something to do in shelter areas. In case of Typhoon or heavy rain, children will be housed inside the cabins.

Can my youth have a cell phone or electronic devices?

To ensure our programs run smoothly and participants stay focused, the use of the following devices are strictly prohibited during camp.

  • Mobile Phones or any form of electronic communication devices
  • All Radios and Personal Audio Devices
  • All Electronic Games

All devices will be collected on the first day and returned when the depart.

What if I need to reach my child during the week?

We have “Youth-a-Gram” for sending messages to your youth. Parents, relatives and friends are encouraged to send messages to moose@moosefamilycampresort.com and we will print the message out and put on their beds before they go to bed.

In case of emergency, please call 080-3389-2252 (Japanese) or 090-8476-6386 (English) and we will deliver it to your child.

How do I pay for the camp?

You can pay for the camp via the following ways. We require the payment within 3 business days of your enrollment to guarantee their spot.

  • Japanese Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Navy Federal Credit Union Transfer

 Cancellation Policy

  • 30-16 days before the start of your program – 20%
  • 15-7 days before the start of your program – 40%
  • 6-2 days before the start of your program – 50%
  • One day before the start of your program – 80%
  • On the day of your program – 100%

Still have questions? Please send us an e-mail with your questions or concerns. inquiry@moosefamilycampresort.com

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