Youth Survival Camp Activities

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Our activities:
We use nature as a teaching tool, and as a bridge between people and cultures. 私たちは自然を道具に、人と文化の架け橋をします。


   Songs and Games: Children usually like singing, role-playing, and acting out dialogues and do not think this is learning. Using songs and games will help your child learn English and have fun doing so. Children pay attention to playing, not to learning and therefore learn better. 子供たちは歌を歌ったり、ゲームが好きです。



   Arts and Crafts: We will make arts and crafts relating to nature. Some examples are collecting nature items such as twigs, leaves, etc and making a collage. Making a photo frame from twigs, Pet rocks etc. 私たちの活動:私たちはキャンプ場で自然を授業の道具として、歌やゲーム、工芸などを行います。

   Hikes and nature activities: We will take gentle easy hikes in the woods. Hiking course will not be strenuous for your child. Other activities include water play, fresbie golf, and much more   We will have a camp fire and roast marshmallows and sing songs at night. 穏やかな森を簡単にハイキングします。

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