Facilities Map: 

The American style campsite is 1652 tsubo (1.3 acre) and is beautifully landscaped with large grassy area in the middle of the camp and has plenty of trees, flowers and roses. It has 20 camp spots that have a brick patio with a picnic table, and has water, electric and waste hookup. There are 3 pernament camping trailers, 7 designated tent spots, 5 designated personal camper spots,  a sky tent hanging from the trees next to the small creek and a new tiny cabin. There is a larger cabin that has a clubhouse, bathroom, laundry service, a bar/snack area, living quarters on 2nd floor, and two Japanese style baths with relaxing jets. Swimming pools are not common in Japanese Camp Sites. Ours will be open from Memorial day in May till Labor day in Aug.. From Oct thru March the pool will be converted into a fishing hole so children can catch trout. There are plenty of things for kids to do such as playing in the play ground, race bikes on the race track and playing and making things in the Arts and crafts room. Future improvements include more cabins, a meeting room, Outdoor kitchen and tree houses. 

Each facility is named after a state in America. Click on the name on the map or below the map to see a description and availablity. 



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