Firefly Festival ホタル鑑賞キャンプ

We have special rare visitors coming to Moose Family Camp Resort in June. The Genji Hotaru (Firefly) is very rare in Japan as it needs super clean water, which is decreasing in Japan rapidly. Fortunately, we have a clean stream and we feed them to keep them existing. 


These truly amazing and majestic creatures light up the night sky in the wooded area by our stream. 


Here is your chance to enjoy watching the fireflies. We are offering a special dinner on Saturday, June 22nd and 29th. You can eat in Moose Dining Area which is located right beside the trees and stream. Cost is ¥2500 for adults, ¥1000 for ages 10~18 and ¥800 for children 4~9. Children 4 and under are free. Dinner consist of main meal, salad, fruit, dessert and drinks. Please bring your own adult beverages. Seats are limited so register soon. 

木々や小川のすぐそばにあるムースダイニングエリアで食事をすることができます。料金は、大人が2500円、1018歳の子供が1000円、49歳の子供が800円です。 4歳以下の子供は無料です。アルコール以外のお飲み物もございます。アルコールご希望の方はご自身のお飲みをご持参、又はご注文ください。


You can also enjoy viewing the fireflies while swimming or sitting in the Jacuzzi. 


We have a new special addition to our campsite. It is a skytent sitting 2 meters above the stream. You have a gorgoues 360 degree view of the forest and will have fireflies all around you. 


These two weekends we are allowing checkin on Friday after 1900 and checkout on Sunday before 1800. But can stay until 2000. That gives you three nights of viewing the fireflies. 



Please reserve your spot today. Go to

Please go to the website for camp prices and availability.


Event Date: 
Thursday, June 20, 2019 - 06:00 to Sunday, June 30, 2019 - 18:00

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